Fort Collins is constantly growing, and welcoming in new businesses on what seems like an everyday basis. And we definitely see some genres more than others.

When I was driving down South College Avenue last night, I realized how many "duplicate" businesses we have and I wondered how they all do well against the competition.

Judging by the amount of pizza restaurants (and restaurants in general) that have closed over the last few months, I am starting to wonder if the amount of competition is now starting to catch up on some businesses.

I was trying to figure out last night which "genre" of businesses in the city is one that we have too many locations for. And while I hope all of these businesses survive for many years to come, it has to be tough to compete on a daily basis.

So here are five types of businesses that we think have hit their ceiling with the amount they have in the city of Fort Collins. What do you think of these five, and what else would you add to the list?