Fort Collins is known for it's great dining all throughout the city. Whether it is giant cinnamon rolls, the biggest pizza you have ever seen, or donuts for dessert...there is something for everyone.

However, for every 15 restaurants in the city that are great, you'll always get one that doesn't even come close to being mediocre.

After taking a look at Tripadvisor over the weekend, I had a chance to look at some restaurants in the city that have the worst reviews. I wanted to take a look at them to see if these were just bitter people who didn't get an extra slab of butter for their roll.

Or if they were people who actually did have a horrible experience, and a horrible meal.

So here we go...five of the worst reviews on Tripadvisor for restaurants throughout the city of Fort Collins. Let us know what you think of these reviews as well.

Are they accurate?

***Keep in mind that national chain fast food restaurants were NOT included in the list that we compiled.***

1.) El Burrito Restaurant - Linden Street

2.) Maya Cove - West Drake

3.) Sanfords Grub n Pub - Harmony Road

4.) Mulligans Pub - South College Avenue

5.) Yungs Recipes - West Drake