We all know that Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the country, and it looks like filmmakers caught on to Colorado's stardom long ago.  

To your surprise, your favorite movie may have been filmed partly in our gorgeous state.  Many of these films are box office giants that probably only served to convince more out of towners to move our way...oh, goody, right?

The Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media recommends locations to filmmakers, as said on their site:

    "The Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media attracts and facilitates content creation in the state to generate economic growth in all of its communities. We also connect filmmakers, animators, gamers and photographers to the resources they need, such as location assistance, crew referrals and inter-governmental cooperation."

The office also advertises Colorado's bustling nightlife and, of course, our 300 days of sunshine-- something any filmmaker would want to take advantage of.

No matter what came of Colorado's fame being showcased to the world, we can all agree that these films were made the better by partly being set in our gorgeous landscapes.  Which film is your favorite?

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