If you're a parent, you must have experienced this before. You are five minutes into a car ride and one of your kids yells, "I HAVE TO GO PEE"!!

But it always occurs in the most inopportune time when you may be a distance away from a business to stop at.

Plus, you want to make sure you stop at a business where they don't instantly notice you so you don't feel obligated to buy something.

You know it Northern Colorado, we have ALL been there even if you don't have kids.

One of the worst parts of the process is making sure you visit a bathroom which is clean and has enough stalls to cover your entire brood of kids. So we are here to help you with a "roadmap" of some of the best bathrooms in Northern Colorado to use.

So plug these locations into your GPS...

Print out your own personal map which is stapled to the ceiling of your car...

Because these locations could come in very helpful for you on your next road trip, or even if you are just driving down the road.

That being said, which bathroom do you recommend for families in those "times of emergency"?