The family and I took a trip down to Denver over the weekend to visit the Mile High Flea Market. With hundreds of vendors, they have something for everyone. But here are some unexpected things we found for sale.

If you've never visited the Mile High Flea Market, it's an experience, and some may say a shock to they system. They have carnival rides, a farmers market, food, storefronts, and booths selling their goods.  The farmers market has a great selection of fruits and vegetables for sale and if you're hungry, grab yourself some kettle corn, a turkey leg, hot buttered corn or some cheesecake on a stick. The booths and stores sell everything from shoes to clothes, to luggage, to lawn tools, and even ATV's... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
But even with the traditional goods you find at a flea market, there were some that I found to be unexpected that I felt compelled to share.