It’s another sign that summer is all but kaput. Dunkin’ Donuts surprised a Fort Collins woman with $1,000 because they want it to be fall.

Dunkin’ Donuts is gearing up to get you in there with your sweatshirts and winter coats, by bringing out the Pumpkin and other fall flavors... in August.

Oh, joy.

Apparently, they are 'Pumped for Pumpkin. They actually started selling some of the fall flavors in select cities, but they'll all be on board August 29th.

Come on!  I’m not ready! Next thing you know-- it's Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, to bring even MORE hype to it all, they’ve been out giving away money!  Imagine the surprise when this woman went into Dunkin’ Donuts in Fort Collins and ended up winning $1,000! 

I’d have to imagine, that if buying a pumpkin flavored drink or munchie wasn’t needed to be eligible to win, she DID get one after she won!

Furthermore, I’ll venture to bet that her $1,000 certificate smells like-- pumpkin.

I’m going to the beach.