When you see something this cute, you have to get it out to the masses.  My cousin in Denver has a friend who has two little girls.  The older sister got the younger one to take the ‘marshmallow challenge’ – a challenge of temptation. It's too cute!

The test: You are given one marshmallow (or piece of candy); then you are told to sit with the marshmallow. If you don’t eat that one marshmallow while the person conducting the test steps away, you will get ANOTHER marshmallow.  Marshmallows and candy can be very, very tempting to a kid. A friend of my cousin’s kids filmed their version of the test, and it’s great!

It’s a piece of gum that the temptation. Ruby’s stepsister instructs her to not eat the gum and she’ll be rewarded with another piece. How long will the older sister be gone? It seems like hours pass.  Ruby cringes with temptation, and then exclaims- 'I can't... do this!' It's hysterical!

Now, we never see if she does eat the gum... as she's clever enough to stop the camera from filming her test. Very smart. Very fun!

Here's what Ruby's test was based upon- 'The Marshmallow Test'