Finally, there will soon be a place in Colorado for crazy cat ladies and fellas to meet and have some drinks.

Currently, the "Denver Cat Company" is a place for cat lovers to meet and enjoy cats, coffee, and art, but they are looking to take their concept to the next level... with wine!

Currently, the Denver Cat Company is a cafe with wi-fi, painting classes, and 8 adoptable cats from a partner rescues. However, they want to take their business plan to the next level by adding wine to the mix.

Their goal is to create a laid-back bar atmosphere  where people and cats can socialize. They are looking to open a second location for their Cats+Wine concept, and they are asking for their patron's support. Currently, they have an active Kickstarter campaign, offering different rewards to those who help support their vision.

At this time, they have collected a little over $6,000 or their $60,000 goal, with over twenty days left (at the time of this post).