Well, at least when you're broke and single and living off microwave burritos, you're not alone. Misery loves company, and Anna Kendrick (despite being not-broke) is kind of a goodwill ambassador for us in that sense. 

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images

When all of your friends are getting married, and you're left alone like, 'I deserve that cake. They already found love. Now they get to have their cake, and eat it, too?'  Time to head to Buttercream.

When you get on Facebook, and your ex is 'in a relationship' with some Miramont hottie that works at Sienna Tan, and you're in the Safeway checkout line like...

When you go hit up Old Town, and no one asks for your number, but then you realize that everything has a silver lining.

When you're always the third wheel on your roommate's dates at the Holiday Twin.

When you're in your mid-twenties, are still hate-stalking your crushes' girlfriends on Facebook, eating beer and Ben & Jerry's for dinner while getting unhealthily angry at romantic comedies, and realize you're still saying the same old s**t you did three years ago.