Surprisingly, according to a new poll, over 50% of people plan to start their holiday shopping on or before Thanksgiving, and the unofficial holiday known as "Black Friday." But what about Black Friday is stressing people out the most. As a person who has only participated in one Black Friday, and in that case I used is as an excuse to get out of an over packed house on Thanksgiving night, I don't get to worked up about it. However, according to PR News Wire, and their new study, a wapping 80% of people want to spend even more money than they did in years past on Black Friday. Of those people, 41% of them aren't even looking for particular items. They are just looking for the best deal they can get, I'm just so they can brag to their friends later.

Expectedly, when it comes to Black Friday shopping, when people take it to another level that resembles a contact sport many times results in riots. There is a great deal of stress involved. Here are the top 4 things that people stress about when it comes to Black Friday.

1.) 1 in 3 get worked up over the thought of so many people cramming themselves into one store.

2.) 28% are concerned the store will run out of what they had in mind to buy.

3.) 26% get all riled up over competing with other shoppers for the better deal.

4.) 16% are simply overwhelmed with all the great deals.