It's the opening days of the Major League Baseball season, and while I go to watch the baseball game, my wife goes for the food. Here are some "must try" foods when watching the Colorado Rockies, and one meal at another stadium that is a little crazy.

In 2015, the Albacore Tuna Salad Grilled Cheese was the talk of the town. Who doesn't love Grilled Cheese? Even if not, when you add tuna salad between two slices of Texas Toast, what's not to love?

In 2016, according to Denver Eater, Coors Field will offer two new dogs, one hot dog with "roasted veggie may, house-made grain mustard, cabbage slaw and pickled jalapenos on a toasted bun." The other is a hot dog with "pineapple, BBQ sauce and jalapenos."

Of course you can enjoy some Rocky Mountain Oysters, the traditional 10-inch Hebrew National dog, and even a beef sandwich that has "onion tangles, dijon slaw and swiss cheese on a soft roll."

One of the craziest things that will be served in 2016 can be found in Cleveland, where they are offering a hot dog topped with Fruit Loops. But don't think it stops there. The same dog also comes with cheese and bacon. I know almost everyone loves bacon, but with Fruit Loops? Is this something you would try?