Recreational marijuana became legal in 2014 right here in Colorado. Some think it is a great thing while others do not. Many people believe that if it is legal, they should be able to consume cannabis without repercussions from their employer when they are off the clock.

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A new bill in the state of Oregon, Senate Bill 301, would mean that there would be no more tests for THC as a condition of employment and the elimination of worry about off the clock use of cannabis in the now legalized era of marijuana in Oregon. Oregon's bill would make cannabis similar to the use of tobacco. If consumption didn't happen on work hours and on premises, it would make firing of an employee illegal based on casual use of cannabis.


The people of Colorado have spoken and legalized cannabis is a part of life here in our state. People shouldn't have to feel like they are doing something illegal and wrong after the vote passed. Could we see a similar bill here in the state of Colorado? Time will tell.




Source: OregonLive