Courtesy of the CSU Rams Football Facebook Page

As if the start of college football isn't already exciting enough for fans and players alike, the Colorado State Rams are extra pumped about getting to debut their brand new uniforms, which they got to try on for the very first time last week. CSU's new football uniforms are being designed and supplied by Under Armour – a partnership that has been in place since 2012, and was just extended to a long-term agreement this past December. In addition to providing the game day uniforms, Under Armour will also be designing footwear, apparel and training equipment for each of Colorado State's other men's and women's varsity athletic teams.

The football team will be able to wear various combinations of green and white jerseys, as well as green or gold pants, and Under Armour will also be creating exclusive, alternate uniforms for specially-themed games, like the "Orange Out" Ag Day. In an interview with the Denver Post, Coach Mike Bobo said he is just as excited about the new unis as the team is, and noted that the players' favorite jersey-pants combination is probably green on green. Having uniforms that are more form-fitting is something else that Coach Bobo is happy to see for the 2016 season, claiming that when he first arrived, he felt the Rams' outfits on the field looked sloppy and didn't appear to fit right. The Rammies will also be getting sleek and upgraded new helmets.

In the world of college football, uniforms are a pretty big deal. We've seen teams like Oregon show off their unique combinations in seasons' past, and although uniforms might not have a direct impact on how the game is played, they do serve the purpose of drawing attention – something CSU is definitely thinking about when trying to gain new recruits. We'll get to see which combo the Ram's go with first during the Rocky Mountain Showdown on September 2, but take a sneak peek at the unveiling of the new uniforms in the video below.