Do you have mad ninja skills? If so, Japan is currently hiring masters of the century old craft of stealth and backflips.

According to Mental Floss, Japan is looking for six professional ninjas to help promote tourism in the region of Aichi Prefecture.

Qualifications required for the position of "ninja" include the ability to do a backward handspring and dance moves. Even thought ninjas are usually masters of stealth, these ninjas should also "enjoy being under the spotlight," as the position requires public appearances on the street, on stage, and on TV.

Also, being Japanese isn't a qualification, since most of the ninja's time will be spent interacting with tourists. They will also provide additional training for those ninjas that are a little rusty in the art of sword play and throwing stars. Men and women are encouraged to apply, and have until March 22. The full time position pays about $1,600 U.S. dollars a month if you are interested.