What's in a name? It could have a special meaning or family history attached to it...or your name could possibly be an indicator of how likely you are to commit a crime.

Out of curiosity, the folks at Protection 1 Security Solutions figured out what the most common names of criminals are, and then proceeded to break down these findings on a state-by-state basis. The study was put together using 30,000 mugshots and arrest records, gathered from crimes that occurred over the past hundred years. Here's what they found:

Courtesy of Protection 1 Security Solutions

According to the study, it looks like guys by the name of Jeremy have apparently been known to cause the most trouble here in the state of Colorado.

Protection1 also put together lists of the 20 most common names of criminals, which name fits what crime, who commits what crimes, and you can even check to see if you yourself have a criminal name. The company notes that all of these results should be taken with a grain of salt and that not everybody with these names are criminals.