Tuna is a staple in so many homes. Consumers are being asked to check their Bumble Bee tuna cans and do not consume if it falls under recall guidelines. Bumble Bee tuna has said their was a sterilization issue and some cans may be contaminated and cause life-threatening illness.

According to ABCNews.com:

Bumble Bee is voluntarily recalling certain canned tuna due to possible contamination that could lead to life-threatening illness.

The San Diego-based company said deviation from a sterilization process in a facility not owned or operated by Bumble Bee could result in contamination by pathogens, and this could lead to "life-threatening illness if consumed." The company did not name the illness and did not respond to a request for comment from ABC News. The company said there haven't been reports of illness associated with the canned tuna yet.
The recall includes 31,579 cases that were produced in February. Bumble Bee advises consumers to throw away the recalled cans and seek reimbursement by calling (888) 820-1947.

Bumble Bee said it's working with the co-packer and the Food and Drug Administration to remove the products from distribution.

Here's how you can check if the tuna you have has been recalled by Bumble Bee:

1. 5 oz. Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna in Water: UPC 8660000020

Best By Dates: 02/10/2019, 02/16/2019, 02/17/2019, 02/18/2019, 02/22/2019, 02/23/2019, 02/25/2019

2. 5 oz. Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna in Oil: UPC 8660000021

Best By Dates: 02/23/2019

3. 4 Pack of 5 oz. Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna in Water: UPC 8660000736

Best By Dates: 02/9/2019, 02/10/2019, 02/22/2019, 02/29/2019