Carrie Fisher has a wry dryness that many might not expect from the actress who portrays the legendary icon Princess, now General, Leia.

Playing the 'used and abused commodity' that hasn't enjoyed as much of the riches that have been generated by Star Wars as, say, George Lucas, is her thing. It has been for a while.

And she does it well, stopping just short of being pitiful.

Plus, she has a lot of great George Lucas material.

She's been known to deliver it with wry dryness in interviews about Star Wars, during awards banquets, and beyond.

Her sarcasm and 'I'm so jaded' delivery kills. She's obviously a great actor. Her comedic timing is pretty strong as well.

Above, she has the host and cast of ABC's Good Morning America cracking up the whole time. And it's not because she's tearing Lucas a new one.

Below, she kills a huge crowd at some American Film Institute event, where she does, in fact, lay into Lucas.

For other great Carrie Fisher material where she hilariously recounts the events before, during and after the Star Wars movies, check out the extra footage included in some of the re-released footage of the movies. Like most other Star Wars footage, it's pretty tightly controlled, so there isn't much on YouTube.

She cracks me up, but I really can't wait to see her in the new Star Wars films.