The Most Painfully Awkward Movie Sex Scenes of All-Time
We're tired of these glamorized sex scenes in movies -- the truth is that sex is awkward and weird sometimes, and we love when movies get it right. There's nothing quite like a painfully awkward sex scene in a movie, whether it's played for laughs or for discomfort. We've collect…
Jimi Hendrix Clothes
A new line of clothing inspired by the songs of Jimi Hendrix will soon hit the shelves of New York-based upscale retailer Bloomingdale's. The collection has been fully licensed by Experience Hendrix, LLC, the company founded by Hendrix's father to make sure that his son's image is not…
Natalie Portman Gets Naked for Dior
Natalie Portman –that newly-married MILF who earned an Academy Award for unraveling in ‘Black Swan,’ which was essentially ‘The Wrestler’ in tutus – has shed her clothes again. She dropped her top for a Dior ad.

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