Treat your tastebuds and give a toast to warm, sunny days by sipping on some delicious, seasonal Colorado-brewed beer. Fort Collins has no shortage of breweries, continuously experimenting to come up with unique and flavorful hop-filled creations. The summer months inspire brewers to make beers that are light and fruity, each offering their own interpretation of a savory summer sipper. Below are just a few of the many seasonally-inspired local options. Cheers!

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    Heavy Melon Ale

    New Belgium Brewing

    New Belgium's Heavy Melon Ale will be a refreshing choice to try this summer...literally. It's brewed with juicy watermelon and zesty lime peel, which gives it a taste that's fruity sweet, yet balanced out by a touch of tartness.

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    Playday IPA, Paradise Pale Ale, Slightly Lupid

    1933 Brewing Company
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    What-A-Melon Ale

    Coopersmith's Pub and Brewing

    Beginning with a light blonde ale, the brewers at Coopersmith's then age it with fresh watermelon juice to create their own take on a summertime seasonal beer. What-A-Melon will officially be on tap at Coopersmith's on Memorial Day 2016. Cool down with a refreshing pint while enjoying the sun on the patio.

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    Peaches & Barley and Scarlett on Brett

    Fort Collins Brewery

    This seasonal blend is bursting with flavors of peaches, apricots and oranges, yet is rounded out with spicier notes and ginger. Peaches & Barley is available from July through November. Once it's released, stop by the brewery for a glass (or two). Bottled 6-packs will also be available at local liquor stores.

    For another summer spritzer, try FCB's wild and tropical blend, Scarlett on Brett. It's fruity, but also earthy and mild, leaving your mouth watering for more. Find it in-store and in the brewery April through July.

    Photo courtesy of Fort Collins Brewery Facebook Page
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    Limitless Strawberry Blonde

    Odell Brewing Company

    This seasonally-made blonde ale is like the liquid version of strawberry shortcake. It's also a limited release, so get it while it's hot! Perfect for tipping a few back on warm evenings, or cooling off with after a hike, the options for adding it in to your summer activities truly are limitless.