Churches receive all kinds of donations, but this Church didn't expect to find what they did, when they were left the enter estate of one of their ushers when he passed. Dennis Erickson, a 69-year-old engineer, who was an only child, and had no living family, left his Church his entire estate when he passed. That estate included his modest home, and 30,000 cars. You may be thinking, "How can one man afford 30,000 cars?" Well, it's because they were mostly toy cars. Dennis, starting when he was 9-years-old, amassed one of the most impressive toy car collection in the world. He did also have some amazing collectible real cars as well, that the church signed over to his friends. The toy cars flooded every room and every space, from floor to ceiling, from the front door, to all the bedrooms to even the bathroom. The Church plans to sell the cars, and expects to generate well over six-figures.

(Source: Freep)