Those in Loveland looking to train in "Bouldering" will soon have a destination thanks to two locals. According to the Reporter-Herald, the Wooden Mountian Bouldering Gym is scheduled to open in September (2016). Being built by two Loveland neighbors, Evan Mann and Adam Lum, Wooden Mountain Bouldering is set to be a place for locals to train, without having to travel to Boulder or Fort Collins.

Compared to "traditional" rock walls, that range from 30 to 60 feet, require harnesses and ropes, and can take upwards of 20 minutes to climb, Bouldering is different, and this new gym is here to answer the call. Wooden Mountian Bouldering, as the name states, will focus on Bouldering. This style of training is more intense that focuses on "short, powerful moves." Wooden Mountain will have walls that only reach 15 feet, that don't require harnesses or ropes, as you will be protected by a one-foot thick pad on the ground. Climbers will spend about a minute on the wall, figuring out their routes like a puzzle or riddle. This makes the activity a very social sport, as one participant gets stuck, they can work together to help the next climber achieve the common goal of completion.