Sure, everyone else is getting a good giggle out of us when we say 'Poudre' but these real Colorado city names also give us a little laugh. Honorable mention: 'Crested Butte.'

  • Dinosaur

    Yep, there is a place called 'Dinosaur.' Just... Dinosaur.

    At least the name is fitting, though. According to the National Park Service, you can camp in Dinosaur, and check out real fossils. Pretty cool.

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  • Downieville-Lawson-Dumont

    Ah, a city that gives my long last name a run for its money. You've likely driven right through Downieville-Lawson-Dumont on I-70 while heading up to the slopes, and had no idea.

    Christa Brunt/ThinkStock
  • Hooper

    Not only is 'Hooper' a fun-to-say name, but the town in the San Luis Valley has its own UFO watch tower... because, who doesn't?

  • Lincoln Park

    I'm sorry but do people just bust out in early 2000s hits like 'In the End' and 'Numb' every time they say where they are from? Because I would.

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  • Security-Widefield

    Maybe it's just like, really safe there? Oh, it's not? Well OK. That is deceiving.

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  • Swink

    Hmmmmm. Hmmmmm..... This either sounds like a cute animal... or a word that I shouldn't say on the air.

    The 600-person city spans less than 200 acres, so I guess it deserves a cute little name (but something about it still sounds wrong to me).

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