The Colorado Crush of the Indoor Football League have announced that the team is up for sale and looking for new local ownership. 

In an emotional statement made on their Facebook page late Tuesday night, owner Thomas Wigley made the announcement to fans and supporters throughout the region. His statement read as follows:

"Dear fans, sponsors, staff and players,

I have always attempted to run the Colorado Crush openly and honestly the last five plus years. Therefore, I write to you all the following:

In January of this year, I was diagnosed as terminally ill. At best, I have been given about three to five years to live. Because of this, my life priorities have changed and I will retire from professional football at the conclusion of this season.

Rest assured that the Crush will finish this season, all current year season contracts will be honored, and all current year season bills will be paid in full sometime after the season is over."

The rest of the announcement can be read here.

If you are interested in buying the team, the Crush are asking for any parties to contact Mike McCoy of the Indoor Football League at 308-258-4429 or Aaron Ontiveros with the Colorado Crush at 970-472-0128.