...And it might be Nickelback's fault. Will some of these factors slow down our steady population growth? With the help of Chad Kroeger and vaping... maybe, just maybe, there is hope. 

Via Estately.com

This is really great, Estately. The real estate website just ranked each state from 'worst' to 'best,' and the criteria is amazing. Arby’s locations and vape shops per capita, 'total number of Nickelback concerts held in each state' and 'people expressing interest in goop' -- you know, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle superiority blog --  (and more) were all taken into consideration when compiling this data.

Colorado is usually at least in the top half of just about every list ever, and this is no exception. Oh, except that it's a 'worst' list, and we're coming in at #18 out of 50 states. I mean, Kansas ranked higher than we did. KANSAS. I bet it's the vaping. But really, thanks for the giggle, Estately. You can check out the rest of the list here.