It doesn't matter the quality of your references, your credit score, or your income. If you are a Donald Trump supporter, this Colorado landlord will refuse your application.

Mark Wilson, Getty Images


According to  WKYC, Mark Holmes told Trump supporters in his ad "not to call" in regard to his two bedroom apartment in Grand Junction. The apartment is attached to his home, and he "doesn't want to live upstairs from someone who backs Trump." Many are calling this act a  blatant case of discrimination. However, Holmes is not discriminating based on sex or race, but political party, and political party is not a group that is protected by the Fair Housing Act.

How do you feel about this? Does Mr. Holmes have a right to refuse service to someone based on their political beliefs? Would a Trump supporter even want to put themselves through the aggravation? Either way, apparently Mr. Holmes was able to find a suitable renter, even with his "Trump Clause."