Originally implemented to prevent tourists from transporting pot back to their home states where it's not legal, the law that limits how much a tourist can purchase may be going away. According to the Coloradoan, lawmakers have discovered that the majority of the pot traffic that is being transported to other states are being provided by underground growers, and not by legal dispensaries. Because of this, they are looking to eliminate the law that was implemented in 2013, that limits the purchase of pot to a quarter ounce in one day to someone who does not provide a Colorado ID. The original thought behind this law was that the tourist would "burn through" that amount of pot before they went back to their home state. If this law goes away, this may strain the relationship between Colorado and other states that are currently suing Colorado. States like Nebraska and Oklahoma are claiming that our marijuana law is contrary to Federal Law, and is costing their states millions of dollars in added drug enforcement costs.