Colorado marathon swimmer Sarah Thomas is attempting to swim 81.8 miles on Lake Powell on the border of Utah and Arizona.

The swim should take between 50-60 hours of non-stop swimming! In addition to having her crew by her side, officials with the Marathon Swimmers Federation will be there in case Thomas can break any records. To be in compliance with some of the rules, she will have to start and end on water, wear only her standard swimsuit, ear plugs, and goggles. She is not allowed to touch the boat, and no one can touch her.

On her Facebook page, Thomas says she and her team have "spent months creating a route that is effectively the shortest distance between those two points- cutting corners across the canyons from direct point to direct point." She also says in her post that the water temperature is around 70-72 degrees and acknowledges her biggest threat is the wind.

If you want to follow Sarah's progress, just click the map.