It would be the first of its kind... Weed taxi, ganja delivery man, kush Uber, toking transporters... I could go on all day with these puns, really, I could... But I'll spare you. Colorado is moving forward on creating this first of a kind license for marijuana couriers.

Seth McConnell/The Denver Post via Getty Images

The new "Marijuana Transporter" license has been given preliminary approval today under the state House. The possibility of the new license would give couriers more powers like temporarily storing product if highways are closed due to a snowstorm, flooding, etc. As of right now, the couriers have to return to the pick up location if they are unable to deliver in a certain time frame.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Currently, there are 12 marijuana courier companies in the state of Colorado. The companies fill out shipping manifests to move the marijuana from the grow hose to dispensaries across the state.

The license would cost $7,600 and valid for three years. According to legislative analysts, a predicted 24 people will apply for the license.

Now the real question is, will the DMV add a small pot leaf on the newly created licenses?


Source: Coloradoan