After my previous blog "6 Plates From Out of State That are the WORST Drivers in Colorado" was posted on Facebook, a lot of people noted that there are plenty of bad drivers from Colorado as well. So I took it upon myself to make another list of bad drivers. This time it is the Colorado drivers I will be focusing on by their specialty plates.

Adopt a Shelter Pet plates

I have a shelter pet and I love my pup as I am sure you do to... But giving your 20lb dog your lap while you are driving on the interstate is plain stupid and dangerous. I see this happen with these plates more than any other car. Sure... Flip me off because I honked at you since your dog's big head is obstructing your view of switching lanes and you almost ran into me.

Broncos Country plates

By far the most aggressive drivers on the roads have these plates. Mainly encroaching your rear bumper at a high rate of spee.

Respect Life plate

Oddly enough this plate is telling you to respect life. Yet, the majority of these cars with this particular plate are the ones who are texting, putting on makeup or some other task that makes your knuckles white and scream "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? PAY ATTENTION" because they are all over the road.

Pioneer plate

The most cautious and slowest drivers out of the group. Speed limit says 75? Well we better do 60 to be on the safe side.These plated impede traffic, making your commute longer than it should be. Maybe they are not used to these buggies that aren't powered by horses.

Ski Country USA plate

Hands down, these drivers scare me the most. Especially when you are heading up to the mountains. These plates mainly found on SUV's and all wheel drive sedans think they are the owners of the road and that icy conditions are no problem at all. Yet, this past winter driving on I-25 the majority of the cars that were spun out in the median had passed me going too fast in dangerous conditions and most of them had these plates. Not to mention that they also drive like they are on the slopes. Cutting you off at any chance and quickly weaving in and out of traffic.