There is no question that Colorado is a beer drinking Heaven with a craft brewery more prominent on a street corner than a Starbucks.


According to BroBible, one of my weekly readings, it's not any of our amazing craft beer that tops the list, but rather the most popular beer in Colorado *drumroll* Bud Light. Yeah, that was anticlimactic wasn't it?

However if you look at Beer Advocate, you will see brews like Tweak from Avery Brewing in Boulder, or Ten FIDY from Oskar Blues in Longmont.

The craft beer industry in Colorado is a billion dollar industry.  With that industry creating so much for the economy and also providing jobs in our community, what do you say we look at some Colorado Beer Facts?

  • There are 20 hops farms in Colorado.
  • Legend has it the first permanent structure in Denver was a saloon.
  • Colorado has the highest percentage of draft beer consumed in the United States at 18.5%.
  • Fort Collins and Boulder have been dubbed "The Napa Valley of Beer" by beer aficionados. 
  • Colorado ranks 4th with one brewer for every 21,277 people over 21 in the state.

Remember “I” before “E”, except in Budweiser.

— Professor Irwin Corey