Back in 2005, a water pipe burst in the basement of the Coors brewery in Golden.  A brew master rushed into the basement, trying to save as much as he could from water damage.  In the process, he saved a tasty bit of Colorado history; and now history is repeating itself, in the best way.

According to, the brew master found a very old book that belonged to brewery founder Adolph Coors.  In it, scrawled in pencil, was the original circa 1914 recipe for Coors beer.

Not surprisingly, the brew masters at Coors decided to make a test batch of the historic brew.  It came out darker than what many people are used to nowadays; but everyone at the brewery agreed that it was too good to keep to themselves.

Thus, “Batch 19” was born (named for the year prohibition started).  Currently available in 35 test markets (including Fort Collins and Greeley), Coors plans on selling the new-old brew nationally by 2013.

Do you think you’ll take a sip of the past with this hundred-year-old beer?  Leave me a comment below!  Here’s a video about Batch 19 as well.