With the announcement today that Walmart is planning on closing stores across the country, could stores in Northern Colorado be affected?

CNN announced today that Walmart plans to close 269 stores in 2016 as it looks to recover from declining profits. The focus of the closures will be poor performers in the company, most of which are located within 10 miles of other Walmarts.

Out of the 269 stores that are planning on being shuttered, 154 of those are located in the United States.

With the announcement being made, it brings into question the Walmarts that are located throughout the Northern Colorado region. Here are a list of Walmarts in the area:

  • South Mason Street - Fort Collins
  • Harmony Road - Fort Collins
  • East Magnolia Street - Fort Collins
  • West 65th Street - Loveland
  • Denver Avenue - Loveland
  • South 23rd Avenue - Greeley
  • 47th Avenue - Greeley

The big question mark will be the Fort Collins Walmarts, with all three within the ten mile "radius" that the company explained in their announcement. If you could the Walmart in Loveland on W 65th Street, we could see some changes when it comes the amount of Walmarts in the area.

There will be close to 10,000 workers affected in the United States, with Walmart working to move most of them to other Walmarts in the area.

Associates who are laid off will be given 60 days worth of pay as well as training for interviews and resumes.

However, the company says that they still will continue with plans to open 300 more stores across the globe this year and through 2017. That number includes the possibility of 60 new Supercenters in the United States.