This may be a case where less is more. A Colorado school district is looking into a shorter school week for several reasons. Is this something you would want to see in Northern Colorado?

According to the Coloradoan, the Florence-Penrose School District is looking into shortening their school week to only four days in an attempt to retain and recruit teachers.

This is on the heels of a survey that was conducted in 2010 that stated that 75 percent of the parents in the district were in favor of the adjusted schedule. They are also citing research that supports that a four day week has been working well in districts that have already embraced the change. The biggest concern coming from parents is that they would have to figure out Friday childcare arrangements. The district did say that if the four day week came to pass, they would be considering providing day care options.

How do you feel about this? Is this something that you would like to see implemented in Northern Colorado, or possibly state wide?