A Colorado couple decided to take a risk for an unforgettable photo together on their prom night. 

Ali Marintzer and her boyfriend, Charlie Bator, live in Wray, Colorado, where tornadoes ravaged the town this past Mother's Day weekend.

According to ABC News, at least seven tornadoes touched down in the rural areas of the city and at least five people were injured.

While others battened down the hatches, Martintzer and Bator prepared for their occasion like normal and even got a pretty epic photo out of the whole experience.

For those concerend for the couples' safety, the photo was taken as the tornado was weakening, Denver 7 says.  The tornado was also at least three miles away from where the couple was posing, and they considered it a safe time to snap a pic.

Congrats to the lucky duo who not only looked awesome on their special night, but who captured a memory they can share for years to come.