You may have heard of him. You may have seen him play. You may not have been satisfied with his play. He’s worn the #7, but I don't think anyone would compare him to Elway. Let's ponder Ponder coming on board as a Denver Bronco.
The guy above seems to be fan of Ponder. More so of the Raiders, but he does like Ponder.

Christian Ponder has signed on with the Denver Broncos in the quarterback department. Trevor Siemian is currently the next up to QB, if Brock Osweiler were to be hurt, while filling in for the injured (retired?) Peyton Manning.  However, It looks like Ponder will be the 3rd guy, instead of Siemian, if something goes horribly, horribly wrong.

Ponder played for the Minnesota Vikings, to not-so-stellar results, for about three seasons. Most recently, the Raiders signed him to a one-year deal (for the 2015) season. That deal, came with a $1.5M signing bonus, but he was released by the Raiders, anyway. They’re not saying how much money Denver will be paying Ponder.

Ponder wore #7 while with Minnesota, and #9 with the Raiders. He’ll be #2 for Denver. Former Denver QBs who wore #2 include Will Furrer in 1994 (who?), Chris Simms in 2009 (vaguely familiar) and all the way back to their AFL days in 1968 with Joe Divito. So, here comes Ponder in 2015, to help the Broncos.

Yippie. Pardon me, while I contain my enthusiasm.

On the brightside- he may be coming to us as a ‘Raider Hater’, so that’s cool….

You have to wonder: Was there no one else available who could assist Brock?

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