Residents of Commerce City are not all about that Bass-nectar. According to CBS 4 Denver, the EDM act Bassnectar was banned from Red Rocks last year due to noise. This year, residents near Dick's Sporting Good Park are not happy about the two-day concert.

Michael Tullberg /Getty Images

CBS 4 Denver reported, 'Commerce City Mayor Sean Ford said the city did not research the band before issuing the concert permit,' and one resident even thought that the show was an earthquake.

This begs the question: How have none of these people who were actually in the amphitheater gone completely deaf?

Most people on social media have shown support for Bassnectar. One Facebook user noted that the city should focus on other complaints first, like its notorious bad smell (ha), while others voiced that homeowners should have considered the proximity to the arena before deciding to move there.

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