Big bricks, little bricks. Video games, trivia and more. They aim to inspire, educate and entertain for a Lego Fan Festival! Their tour makes a stop in Denver this summer!

Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

Play Well’. That’s how Lego translates from its Danish heritage, and that’s what the area will be doing later this summer!

There’s nobody who doesn’t know what Legos are.  They are so simple, yet can be used to create the most intricate things. One kid created a braille printer with Legos! So, why not create a festival to celebrate them!  Brick Fest Live is doing just that; touring the country giving kids and adults a Comic-Con/rock concert-like experience.

Boys, girls, parents, grandparents can all relate to the small building blocks. Technology has advanced around Legos, but the basics of the building blocks continue from their origins back in 1932.

It’s happening at The Denver Mart, August 13th and 14th, 2016. The organizers wanted to create a space where everyone could come together and celebrate Lego. One of the things they’ll have is a ‘mosaic station’ where attendees will get a 16” by 16” [plate] to create whatever they want onto it with Legos. That plate will then go on to the mosaic wall!    Many, many hands-on displays will be there, as well as video games involving Legos, and a ton of vendors selling all sorts of Lego gear.

The video for the event looks well-produced. Maybe they used a Lego camera and editing bay!

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