My husband, 3 kids and I combined, have about every device ever made. All of which, need to be charged. We literally have USB outlets installed in our kitchen island. Therefore, we also have a tons of a little do dads (yes, I said it) to keep them charged. Solar charger chargeable charger, etc. None of these work that great, just okay.

My husband travels pretty often. He recently informed me how easy it is to find great charging stations at Denver International Airport. Turns out, they really put a lot of effort into making it that way.

According to there are now 10,000 power outlets and USB ports across all three concourses. Part of a $4.7 million project. The story also says DIA has "invested nearly $2.5 million to improve the free public Wi-Fi service – which has been independently verified as being the fastest among any large U.S. airport".

Very impressive DIA and thank you!