I don't know if this is crazy, or brilliant, but as a person who has to get up incredibly early every day to do a morning show, there are times I could see this new invention coming in handy.Simone Giertz, a YouTube inventor, who has created a variety of "Rube Goldberg" inventions to execute every day tasks, has created an alarm clock that would wake anyone up. Combining some electronics, an old alarm clock and a fake hand, Giertz has created a clock that wakes you up, by slapping you in the face.

I'm a very sound sleeper, one of those people who has to set 4 alarms on my phone at 15 minute intervals just to get up in the morning. Thought I don't see myself rushing out to get one of these, I could see how they could come in "handy."  - See what I did there?