A new study looks to reenforce the long supported stereotype that Italian med are attractive, and it may be attributed to their garlic intake. According to Bustle.com, a recent study looked at showing how garlic affects women, when it comes to being attracted to men. The researchers had a group of men eat gilled-cheese sandwiches, with seven cloves of garlic in each... WOW, that's a lot. They then collected the body odor of the men. Then, after waiting a week, they collected another sample of the mens odor, after eating another grilled-cheese, without ingesting garlic.

Both samples of the odors were then presented to a group of women, who had to judge the "attractiveness" of the odors. Attractive, pleasant and masculine, is how the odors were described of the samples that included the garlic. Apparently, it had much to do with the antioxidant properties of garlic. So, apparently, years of saying that I have garlic in my blood, do to my Italian side is a good thing. Unfortunately, the study didn't test out how women felt about the men who ingested the garlic when having an "up close" conversation, after NOT brushing their teeth. I think the results may have shown a different result.