Mother's Day is right around the corner, and we want to help you celebrate your mom with a ton of great prizes! Show us how awesome your mom is by submitting your favorite photo, along with a brief description of why she rocks.

In addition to your own mom, feel free to nominate a favorite mom of yours too. That's right, send us a picture and tell us why your friend, wife, sister, cousin, etc. is an awesome mom, and we'll add it to our entries as well.

We will be accepting photo submissions from April 18 to May 2. Then we will put all the entries to a vote right here on our website. Help us celebrate moms for Mother’s Day by showing us how much YOUR mom rocks!!!

My Mom Rocks 2014 Photo Contest

Enter your mom (or favorite mom) in our My Mom Rocks Photo Contest!
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  • Upload Picture of Mom You're Nominating*Please don't use spaces or special characters in the file name of your photo. If you do, we won't be able to open the photo to use it in the contest. Also, smaller photos are discouraged, as they look distorted in our slideshow.