OK, maybe they don't always get you off the hook... but admit, you've tried to use at least one of these at some point.

  • Got stuck behind a tractor.

    When there is no passing lane -- enjoy that 20 mph cruise down that county road, and enjoy all smells, too.


    Getty Images/Hemera/ThinkStock
  • Hit a deer.

    This one will tug right at the heart strings. You can also sub 'deer' with 'bunny,' 'squirrel,' 'raccoon' or any cute Disney movie animal.

    Daniel Cole/ThinkStock
  • Got stoned.



  • Got stuck at the train.

    Yeah, as if I was not going to mention this one! This will get you off the hook for literally anything in Fort Collins.

    Late for work? Just give them the look, they'll know.

    They'll know.


    Jennifer Dodge/ThinkStock