You're stuck inside. You're bored. With this late spring storm, your weekend has just turned into one long, endless scroll down your Facebook newsfeed. Get together with friends, family or roommates, and play some Bingo. Losers have to go brave the elements and get takeout for the winner. 

We made you one universal Bingo board, since Facebook feeds are like snowflakes -- no two are exactly alike, but they sure seem like it when it's snowing in Colorado. #Snowzilla

Start scrolling and see who can get a 'Bingo' first, or go for blackout. (Start thinking about pizza... or Chinese food. This really shouldn't be that hard; Coloradans love to complain about things they should be completely used to by now.)

To use the board, right click, and select 'save image as,' and it will save to your device.

Shelby Taylor-Thorn/TSM

Inspired by GOP Presidential Debate Bingo.