It’s hard to imagine the loss this mother felt. Carole's son Taylor Thyfault, a Colorado State Patrol cadet, was struck and killed while working a situation on Highway 66 in Longmont on May 23rd, 2015.  While grieving for her son, Carole would send texts to him. The thing is, someone else had her son’s old number.

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When you lose someone, it’s not uncommon to want to pick up the phone and call them or to want to text them.  You know that they’re not going to pick up the phone or text you back; you’re just trying to stay connected to that person in the way you once did-- to try and keep them around. I’m sure many, many people have done this. This story is about getting a response. Carole Adler sent her son a text when she had heard that a State Patrol officer had been struck on the highway.  Her son didn’t respond.

After his passing, Carole kept texting Taylor's phone to keep that close feeling.  Turns out, Taylor’s phone number had been given to another man, who was now getting these texts from a number that he didn’t know.

He didn't know the sender of the texts, but he could tell that the person on the other end of the phone was hurting.

He contacted Carole to explain the situation. Of course she apologized for the texts, he said it was no bother...etc etc.  In their exchange, Carol found out that the new owner of Taylor's old number is a veteran member of the Greeley Police Department!

Sergeant Kell Hulsey offered to get a different number, but being the ever-proud parent, Carol told him not to do so.

From Denver 7:

“I am honored that a police officer of your credentials has [Thyfault’s] number,” Adler texted him. “You’re doing the things he wanted to do.”

She still texts Husley now and then, to make sure he’s doing O.K.

That is a great story.  Call your Mom!

[Source: Denver 7]