"Fast food" is usually associated with "poor quality." That is why several companies are distancing themselves from the term, and using some creative marketing lingo to make them sound more elegant. Mc Donald's is now calling itself a "Modern Progressive Burger Company," Chipotle is now "Fast Casual"... I'll leave you to your own E. Coli joke here. Del Taco is now "QSR Plus," standing for "Quick Service Restaurant." Dairy Queen is now calling itself "Fan Food," but who are the fans? Arby's is now "Fast Crafted," but you have ever gone through the Arby's drive-through, you know there's nothing "fast" about it.

So all these companies are trying avoid using the term of what they truly are, and it's not like the customers are going to stop identifying them as "fast food." If this is what they are going to result to, the next time I eat at one of these locations, I'm going to ask for a "molded con-caved sustenance delivery apparatus," more commonly known as a spoon.

(Source: Buzz60)