A new commissary kitchen has just opened its doors in Fort Collins, but what makes this place unique in comparison to other facilities, is that it's also the very first timeshare restaurant to open up in the entire country. On a mission to support, promote and expose local cuisine talent in the Northern Colorado community, the owners provide an affordable space where users are able to store, prep, cook, sell and make a profit – all under the same roof.

The Timeshare Restaurant - Commissary Kitchen, located at 1015 South Taft Hill Road, is the perfect place for local chefs, cooks, caterers, food trucks, manufacturers and new food entrepreneurs to use as a home base. Rather than building their own eateries with commercial kitchens, which can be expensive and challenging, this idea and location allows people in the food business to reserve time slots where they can regularly sell their products to the community, without having to risk it all. The concept is essentially like a "rent-a-restaurant," where users buy the hours that they want to spend in the kitchen, and selling their products in the restaurant. It's also a great way for someone to test market a new item, and for people to buy locally. Rental rates range from $12.50 to $20, and monthly storage is also offered. Kitchen users do need to have a proper license, but the staff says that this is simple to get, and that they are happy to help guide entrepreneurs through the process of getting one.

Besides getting a low-cost location with 24/7 access, there are other benefits for those who work with the Timeshare Restaurant - Commissary Kitchen. On Sundays, the seating area of the restaurant will be transformed into a communal food festival of sorts, where all partners of the kitchen are welcome to come in and prep, cook and sell their products to the public all throughout the day, without having to pay any rental fees. When the restaurant is rented out for private events, kitchen partners get even more opportunities for profit and exposure, because they will be invited to feed the guests. An e-commerce site featuring products that are sold in-shop is also currently in the works.The owners say that they are just trying to help good people in the community.