Snowmageddon? Yeah... sure... I'll believe it when I see it, I guess. I mean, how many times can we really be duped, Colorado? HOW MANY TIMES?!

Here are five pretty ridiculous things that I actually believe more than I believe we're going to get pounded with snow this weekend.

  • I believe that Fort Collins had a subway.

    Not the place with the five dollar foot-long sandwiches, those are completely real. I mean the one that supposedly ran under Linden Street. Is this total BS? It is! But I'd still believe it more than I believe our forecast right now.

    Topical Press Agency/Getty Images
  • I believe that Taylor Swift is buying a house in Estes Park. 

    Remember that time we all got tricked into thinking that was true? Well, it's not. I admit, I thought it was the real deal, too. HEY! Sounds like a weather forecast... just saying.

    Christopher Polk/Getty Images
  • I believe that Ted Cruz was in the Christian metal band, Stryper.

    Wow, do I like him now? I might... I mean, at least there is some solid evidence backing this up.


    Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
  • I believe that the town of Nunn, Colorado, was founded by nuns.

    I mean you can't just make this stuff up. Oh, no wait, you can. Much like our weather professionals do every day. I believe this video more than I believe we'll see eight inches of snow this weekend.

  • I believe that there are 47 1/2 people who populate the ghost town, Stout.

    They're there somewhere... all 47-and-one-half of them. Still more believable.

    Andreas Schindl/ThinkStock