Even if you aren't great about following current events and politics, if you don't live under a rock then you probably know what's been going down in the 2016 political race...particularly surrounding Donald Trump rallies.

I mean, for lack of better terminology here, they've been a real s*** show, no matter which side you're on.

With that, we've thought of five fairly dangerous things here in Northern Colorado that are #SaferThanATrumpRally.

  • That time you involuntarily joined the mosh pit at an Aggie show...

    ...and wound up in the E.R. with a broken nose? Oh yeah, that was safer.

    And speaking of the E.R....

  • Taking a joy ride in a hijacked PVH ambulance...

    ...is probably not only safer, but more fun than a Trump rally.

    Tracy Fox/ThinkStock
  • Stepping forward as the bread thrower...

    ...and getting your m***** f****** a** beat by the Smash Mouth frontman at the Taste of Fort Collins 2015 would likely be safer than a Trump Rally.

    At least there is food and live music.

    Evan Agostini/Getty Images
  • Any of these neighborhoods at 2 a.m.

  • Using the shoulder of I-25 as a bike lane...

    ...is not only something someone might try in Northern Colorado, but it's also less dangerous than showing up to a Trump Rally.