Fort Collins Beer Week is underway, and on Saturday the event kicked off with the Brewer's Olympics

Those who are unfamiliar with the Brewer's Olympics might not realize that beer tasting is a huge part of the event.  It's definitely a skill to know which flavors to look for and which sights and smells to pick out. It's quite the test for even the most seasoned beer lover.

If you don't know how difficult it is to really hone your palette and guess which beer is which, see how Sparx and Alana handle it below.  They met up with Josh from Habitat for Humanity to try their hand at tasting beers from all over town.

It's not as easy as you think it would be, even for a seasoned beer drinker...with that in mind, though, our jocks obviously tried their hardest!


Stop #1: New Belgium Brewing: 

In this video, everyone seemed to be on their game in their quest to name the New Belgium beer placed in front of them.  Emma from the liquids center taught them how to do something called 'retronasal tasting', which allowed them to taste flavors they didn't expect.

Stop #2: Black Bottle Brewery

With the help of Black Bottle's extensive costume collection, the jocks decided to suit up before they did some tastin'-- which, in Sparx and Josh's case, may  have hindered their tasting abilities!

The Final Test: Go West T-Shirt Company

Go West also nicely understood the need to don a disguise before being really, really, ridiculously good at tasting beer, so they provided wigs and boob bibs before the jocks embarked on their final, and most difficult, tasting quest.

We had so much fun making these videos, so thank you to the breweries and to Go West for letting us crash your workspaces for an hour and have some fun with your staff.