The weather is getting nicer here in Northern Colorado, which means it is time again for cyclists and drivers to find a way to do as the bumper sticker says and 'coexist.' Here are some 'dos and don'ts' for riding your bike safely, and considerately.

DO use the bike lane, but DON'T ride next to someone else.


Bill and Karen are being total pricks.

DO learn sweet tricks on your bike, but please, for the love of God, DON'T ride your bike with no handlebars. No handlebars.  No handlebars.

We'll all be singing that annoying Flobots song all day, and we'll resent you for it.


DO use your hand signals to let cars know you're making a turn.

DON'T be afraid to use the one-figured gesture, when needed.


That's not the one we meant, George, but OK.


DO use protection.

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 Hey, Michael, you're forgetting something!

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There you go, Michael. No need to damage that pretty little face of yours.

DO wear a helmet, but DON'T wear those little spandex shorts. They make all of us feel weird about butts


DO try out a tandem bike. DON'T get on it unless you fully trust the other person with your life.


DO lock up your bike. DON'T lock it to another person's bike.

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Yes, that does actually happen.


DO take your bike in for tune-ups. DON'T get too upset when the guys at Brave New Wheel tell you what a P.O.S. your ride is.

Just kidding, I always get great service there. I KNOW IT'S BAD BUT IT'S A FAMILY HEIRLOOM, OK?

...see you in a couple weeks with my P.O.S.


We hope these tips have been helpful. Now get out there and ride, and don't be a jerk about it. Also, Michael -- tandem ride sometime?